This website has gone through numerous incarnations since 1998 when it was first online as a sub-directory of my old software site, Skinmaster.co.uk, then it got it's own domain and progressed through various Content Management Systems. It spent the last few years being run as a Geeklog powered blog.

Unfortunately, things have changed. I now have two young children who take up a lot of my personal time that I used to spend waste sat in front of my computer messing around with this site. Also, my job has changed, I have more responsibility at work and visibility with a number of major customers. I can't afford to have a personal site be dragged into the light of my day-job and held up as a "Bad Thingtm".

These two things combined mean that I must regretably remove this site. I will keep the site up as a simple holding page declaring that "this is me". It also provides an OpenID server to authenticate me.

But, to be fair, there was nothing of value on this site in the first place. It was just a place for me to write crap to the world. Opinions and views. So it won't really be missed by anyone ever. If you are looking for the software that once-upon-a-time was on here, it's long since all been moved to Skinmaster.co.uk anyway, go and find it there.

This site now serves purely to identify me. So, the following accounts are me on other services:
Actually, I lie slightly, there are a few small things that may be of actual interest/use on this site, they are: